Spar Nord Bank

Spar Nord Bank

Improved operational reliability and stability for Denmark’s fifth largest bank

Spar Nord needed greater operational reliability and stability for their 400,000 customers throughout the country. Also, they were looking for a high level of security, a flexible solution and a green profile. The bank now rents 16 racks in a dedicated space in Netic’s high-security data centre on a future-proof agreement.

Spar Nord has rented a space at Netic’s data centre to achieve the highest possible operational reliability and stability. On top of that, the centre allows the bank to have its own space without operational responsibility. The centre is also close to the bank’s head office and has the right green profile focusing on energy efficiency.


“We were looking for flexibility, and with Netic, the move from decision to execution is easy. They are professional, easy-going, have the right size, and unlike other hosting companies. They are specialists who are able to give us advice on and provide other services as well. Now, we have left all our IT operations with one supplier who understands our business”

Kristian Majland Abelsen
IT Operations Manager, Spar Nord


The agreement secures operational stability for the bank for years to come, and it can easily scale it up and down without having to pay for this service in advance. “It has worked out exactly as we wanted it to. If we had built our own centre, it would be close to this solution, but now, we don’t have to worry about the day-to-day operation of it,” Peter Holmgren, Team Lead at Spar Nord, adds.

Data centre with proven high operational reliability

In today’s world, high operational reliability is vital for all companies, and we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for 100% uptime and data security for systems, customer data etc.

Netic’s data centre boasts proven operational stability. Netic has two primary scalable data centres with redundant UPS-protected power, standby diesel generator, redundant cooling systems, aspiration-based smoke/fire detectors and a gas-based fire suppression system.

Netic’s newest and largest data centre is scalable to 600kW IT load. The data centres have redundant 10Gbit/s Internet connections from multiple ISPs, just as there are redundant fibre connections directly between the data centres.

There is access to all major fibre providers/ISPs in Netic’s data centres in case dedicated redundant connections are required. The data centres are protected by two separate layers of access control, and all rooms are protected with burglary alarm systems and CCTV.

The burglary alarm systems are connected to an external security company. Netic also has a third location. This location is used for backup of the solutions that are operated in the two primary locations. There are fibre connections to the backup location from both of the primary data centres.

The data centres are operated and tested regularly to ensure safe and stable service following the procedures developed based on best practice in the field (ISO27001). Netic’s operations are audited annually by an external auditor according to the ISAE3402 and ISAE3000 standards (personal data).

The data centres were designed with energy efficiency in mind, both to minimize resource consumption and to achieve a green profile. Free-air cooling and energy-efficient variable EC fans are some of the measures used to maximise energy efficiency.

Netic’s newest data centre has a power usage effectiveness ratio (PUE) of approx. 1.25 (25% overhead/IT load), and is partly powered by renewable energy from solar cells on the roof of the building. Netic offers all services from co-location/housing in quarter, half and full racks to dedicated data centre space with up to 16 racks powered by redundant electricity.

Netic also provides infrastructure as a service as well as managed hosting and consultancy services. Spar Nord has a dedicated data centre space with redundant fibre connections in Netic’s newest data centre.


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