E-commerce business discovered a smart solution to a critical breakdown


“I sleep so much better at night. It’s just nice to know that you’re up to date, because you simply have to be as an e-commerce business.”


The e-commerce company Trendhim had their Black Friday sale ruined by a damaged fiber cable. Together with Netic’s IT experts, they found a cloud solution which will prevent similar breakdowns from happening.

The preparations had been extensive and thorough. Extra personnel had been called in, meaning 40 employees were ready to get to work. All they had to do was wait until midnight, the beginning of one of the year’s most important trading days.

The e-commerce business Trendhim, based just north of Horsens, sells accessories for men – hats, jewellery, watches and many other items. They had done everything possible to facilitate a successful Black Friday back in 2018.

As technical manager, Martin Højberg Christiansen was one of the most excited. He had done his homework. He had conducted so-called loadtests, testing the website with different levels of load – and everything worked just fine. However, at 23:59, when the party was just about to start, everything went black. did not get any visitors, the visitors could not enter the site, and the trade failed.
We couldn’t do anything. Everything was gone. Everything was just a big black hole,” Martin Højberg Christiansen says.

In God’s hands

Together with his co-workers he started looking for the reason, and the companies’ service provider was working hard as well. No one knew what had happened. How could it happen?

It took a while before we identified the error. It turned out that a fiber cable had been destroyed as a crash fence was put up alongside the freeway. We quickly realized that only God knew when everything would be fixed. We had a very long night ahead of us,” Martin Højberg Christiansen explains.

The breakdown did not only affect Trendhim, several other online shops were affected, and huge amounts of turnover were lost. For Trendhim the estimated loss of turnover amounts to 100,000 DKK per hour.

It is not insignificant to be offline half of such a day. Of course, I was annoyed, but there was nothing we could do,” he says.

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We had to make some changes

The experience from Black Friday sparked the establishment of a new IT setup in order to prevent such breakdowns from happening again.
It was obvious that we had to do something different, because we weren’t as secure as we thought we were,” Martin Højberg Christiansen explains. Therefore, he reached out to the IT experts at Netic and together the parties went over how Trendhim’s IT setup should look like if a higher degree of security and stability should become a reality.

Netic’s consultants came up with a suggestion for the solution; Trendhim should choose a so-called public cloud-model. This means that the companies’ data is not place at one single provider, but at multiple data centers around the world. In this way you will not be affected in case one provider crashes.

It means a lot to us. We had some good sparring concerning how we could make our network more secure and stable as well as the entire Trendhim-platform. It means that our current setup is updated, and we are more agile, and that we can run faster. This allows us to be ahead of our competitors,” Martin Højberg Christiansen explains.

It also means that the technical manager of Trendhim sleeps better at night. He did not get many minutes of rest the day Black Friday really proved to be black.

I sleep so much better know that we have opted for the cloud solution. It’s nice to know that you’re up to date, because you simply have to be as an e-commerce business”.

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