Netic’s complete guide to GDPR

This guide is for everyone who is responsible for ensuring or maintaining compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in their company and has questions on how to structure this work.

Maybe you have a good grasp of the data flows in your company, but just need input for the technical implementation. Maybe your only challenge is how to document your compliance with the Regulation. Or maybe you haven’t even started yet.

On 25 May 2018, the new EU rules on the safe handling of personal data will enter into force. In Denmark, these rules will be implemented by the new Data Protection Act.

Almost all companies will to some extent have to accommodate the new rules, and Netic has prepared this guide to help companies get ready before the new regime takes effect.

The guide is not a comprehensive script, but no matter where you are in the process, we have no doubt that it will answer most of your questions – and give you input on how you can move forward.

Why Netic?

We understand data. We have many years of experience in the safe handling of sensitive data, and we know that GDPR is not only about the rules, but that it also takes practical experience to ensure compliance.

GDPR is not only about technical measures; rather, most of the work is about processes. Because we have been in the business of protecting personal data for many years, we understand that good results will come if you build a bridge between technology and process. This guide reflects this approach.

Read the 3 steps in our guide

Need help? At a 1:1 workshop between your company and Netic, we will talk about the entire process and prepare a plan for how your company can achieve, maintain and document GDPR compliance.