Secure IT operations and hosting in a complex reality

As your outsourcing partner, we help you stay in control in a reality where uptime, stability and security is key.

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The world is a fast paced, complex place, and our job is to make it less so.

We make your challenges our challenges, and bridge the gap between your business and the technical foundations that it rests on. 

At the end of the day, what you need to know is that your services are accessible. We act as that reassurance.

If you are looking for a partner that has experience with VMware or databases and storage, you can reap the benefits of Netic’s vast experience with operating thousands of servers.

Operating a business-critical
e-commerce solution and stores worldwide with the end customer in focus


JYSK has chosen the Aalborg-based company Netic to host its e-commerce and IT for all JYSK stores. Klaus Dhiin explains why:

We normally conclude hosting contracts for five years at a time. Then, we go out and scan the market. That was when Netic was recommended to us, and we invited them in for a chat. We quickly saw that they had something special. Both in terms of the technical side of things and their way of cooperating.”

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A risk based approach to application management

You might think: That all sounds quite fancy, but just how do Netic deliver on their golden promises? How can I be sure, that they are able to perform a transition to an outsourced application management model that takes my needs into account?

At Netic, we use a risk based approach to application management. This means that when you decide to outsource one or more of your applications to us, we will start by listening to you in order to understand your needs.

Operations and hosting with Netic: Here is the process

Step 1: A walk-through of your current setup


Together we start by going through your current setup and getting to know your business.

Step 2: Alignment of expectations


Following this we go into detail and discuss your expectations and the options for operations and hosting of your solutions.

Step 3: Agreeing on the project


Having discussed that, we agree on what needs our operations and hosting services should cover.

Step 4: Clarity of the business value


Now we know the value of a transition from your current setup to a future with Netic.

Step 5: The project plan is created


And based on that we create a detailed plan for the project.

Step 6: A good operational scenario


Based on the previous steps, we now have established a good operational scenario.

Operations and hosting in Danish datacenters

Based on our vast experience with infrastructure management and rooted in our highly certified data centers, you can reap the benefits of working with an organization that thrives on managing IT infrastructure. And the complexity of it all? It doesn’t go away, just because we manage your infrastructure. We handle it for you. So that you can handle your business.


Your application is probably quite important for you. That is why we will never force you into a standardized environment.

You’ve probably encountered them before. Service providers that have fully standardized setups in a one-size-fits-all model. Which is fine for less complicated and less critical applications.

But each application is unique and for most critical applications – especially if the application is complex – a standardized environment may not be the right choice. It might sound expensive, and it can be, but actually, it doesn’t have to be.

Spar Nord – Improved operational reliability and stability for Denmark’s fifth largest bank


“We were looking for flexibility, and with Netic, the move from decision to execution is easy. They are professional, easy-going, have the right size, and unlike other hosting companies, they are specialists who are able to give us advice on and provide other services as well,” says Kristian Majland Abelsen, IT Operations Manager at Spar Nord.

Spar Nord needed greater operational reliability and stability for their 400,000 customers throughout the country, and now the bank rents 16 racks in a dedicated space in one of our data centers.

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