Employee at Netic

As part of Netic you will experience a culture where helpfulness, collaboration, openness, trust and reliability are the core values. And this goes for the entire process from the individual team to the collaboration with our customers.


Netic hires individuals, who we feel can contribute to our teamwork and raise the value and quality of our deliveries and services – and who will simultaneously experience self-development. We dare to and must signal professional pride, and everyone at Netic should have the ability to develop to become among the best. This is why skill development and relevant courses are a part of our approach to employee care, just as you will be working with some of the most competent specialists within the industry.

At Netic you will meet a lot of apprentices. In fact, almost 20 pct. of Netic’s employees undergo training. It is important to Netic that we take part in the training of the next generation of IT specialists in Denmark – and that is why our apprentices are actively involved in the daily work with our customers.

Employee benefits

The working conditions are the same for each and every one – from the chair you are sitting on to the general employee benefits. Your computer and mobile phone are replaced at set intervals, making sure your toolbox is up to date. As a permanent employee you are part of the joint bonus agreement, and you get the opportunity for joining our attractive company car agreement.

During the year we plan several social events and for some of these your better half or family is also invited. Additionally, the individual teams are free to plan their own activities.

We work together with our customers to ensure the most efficient solutions and we challenge them, whenever we see possibilities. Netic has a solid economy, a healthy ownership and a nice growth – which was last evident in our fifth Gazelle in 17 years.

We hope you wish to join us.


Netic – A Trifork Company

Fundamental to our culture is the passion for technology – Think Software.

New technologies arise in a constant flow and we see new technologies as a fantastic opportunity to challenge existing ones. We all share an interest in being first movers and we share a passion for testing the potential of new technologies.  Therefore, it is an integral part of our core business and culture to maintain an inflow of new software technologies that we evaluate thoroughly – some we reject and some we happily approve.