André Gammelgaard, Senior Consultant

Co-owner of the daily tasks


André has been part of Netic since he got on board in September 2013 as a Senior Consultant in Netic’s Analytics Team. He is primarily occupied with security and log management and occasionally operations-related tasks.

Ownership of one’s tasks

André describes the good thing about Netic as the feeling of being co-owner of the daily tasks: “As an employee you get the opportunity to choose the tasks that fit your profile and qualifications in the best possible way. This is something I appreciate in my daily work.”

He adds: “Our joint bonus agreement is an important factor for ensuring that people work towards the same goals and are pulling Netic in the same direction. This means that people are more prone to take ownership of tasks and go the extra mile.” According to André, it is a huge advantage that the quarterly bonus is calculated based on company earnings instead of individual performance.

Inputs across departments

“Netic has become a rather large company, since the day I started. Despite this you are able to influence work processes and offer inputs on tasks you aren’t working on yourself. In this way we work closely together to come up with solutions that make everyone happy. Roughly speaking, I am also responsible for choosing what I want to work with. I get stuck, if I have to do the same things over and over again.” This is what André says about the work processes at Netic.

To this he adds: “At Netic we can easily move around internally. Many companies might tell their employees that they are able to do so, but reality is often different. At Netic the employees can be moved right away, if the situation allows for it – of course.”

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