Before you apply for at job at Netic



Requirements for your application

When applying for a job at Netic, we kindly ask you to send us both your application and resumé. We also ask for your contact information, including name, address and phone number. Netic is GDPR compliant, and this means that we will only store your information as long as we need it during the application process.

If we need any additional information than the above-mentioned, it is indicated in the individual job advertisement.

Make your application stand out

In order to write the best possible application, we recommend that you target your resumé specifically at Netic. Please include relevant experience from previous education or jobs. Keep your resumé simple and in chronological order with the latest job first.

If you want to make it more personal, you are more than welcome to attach a photo. Please send us your application whenever it’s ready. We advise you not to wait for the deadline, as we invite candidates for interviews on an ongoing basis.

Contact us

We are always more than happy to elaborate on job advertisements and the requirements needed for our vacant positions. For this reason you will always find a contact person at the bottom of the advertisement. Please reach out to this person, if you have any questions or concerns.