Heidi Schmidt, IT Support Apprentice

Part of a strong community

Heidi has been part of Netic’s Service Desk, since she started at Netic in September 2018. She has recently moved to Netic’s Operations Team. As an IT Support Apprentice, Heidi is daily in contact with Netic’s customers and she manages incidents and monitoring as well as the documentation of Netic’s processes and procedures.

An exceptional drive

“As I see it, everyone who starts at a new job wants to do their best. You just have an exceptional drive to perform. I feel that this drive lasts at Netic.” This is how Heidi begins her talk about Netic. She adds: “There is always a positive energy at the office, and it’s highly contagious! During my time at Netic I have developed a completely new attitude: Well, I haven’t tried this before but I’m sure I can do it.”

Our voices are being heard

Besides the positive energy and the exceptional drive among the employees at Netic, Heidi appreciates that the voices of the employees are being heard: “It’s nice that all the employee benefits are available for the apprentices too. This summer we all went on Nibe Festival with VIP tickets for the entire company. In that way Netic is an exceptional workplace. We have also just got a fitness room installed in our office building, and the employees were invited to participate in the decision-making process.”

Lastly, Heidi talks about Netic as being a workplace where you can build friendships: “I’m not left alone, like many of the other apprentices I meet at school. At Netic we are part of a strong community.”

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