Simon Lyngshede, Senior Consultant

A workplace with freedom to act


Since he started in December 2016, Simon has been a Senior Consultant in Netic’s Applications Team. In his daily work he is occupied with the initial setup of applications as well as preparing them for operations.

Always a new task just around the corner

“Netic is a workplace with freedom to act.” This is how Simon begins his talk about Netic. He clarifies that of course there are some procedures, you need to conform to, but nobody questions how he does his job. “And if you get tired of your tasks, let them know and you’ll have something else to do.”

In addition, Simon talks about how the work life at Netic constantly changes and that this ensures that the employees develop professionally: “Some of Netic’s customers hang around for a long time. However, typically it will not be long before you’ll have something else to do. Personally, I sometimes get anxious that I will get stuck and not develop at all, but at Netic there is always a new task just around the corner. Having the opportunity to work with new and different stuff ensures that I constantly develop my skills.” At Netic you can always get better. When the team leader receives a new task, naturally he’s looking for someone to solve it. To this Simon says: “You can always say: That sounds exciting. I would like to take a look at it. And it also goes the other way around.”

Work life with my colleagues

Lastly, Simon says that there is a fine balance between seriousness and humour among his colleagues: “I have the world’s best colleagues. They are some of the most skilled people, I have ever worked with. It’s especially nice when things go wrong. People can instantly go from joking to be extremely focused and enter into solution mode: Let’s fix this.”

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