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Project management software, intranet & documentation, code repositories and much more.

Whether you are in need of guidance, assistance or simply just want to know more about the pricing, our experience with Atlassian as a core tool in a number of the largest Danish operational and development projects is your way to go.

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Normann P. Nielsen

Deployment & Operations

Helle Friis Pedersen

Training & Process

A team of Atlassian experts – ready to help

When working with development and/or operations, the process and project management tool is the core. At Netic our core is Atlassian.

The experience we have gained by being part of a number of the largest development and operational projects in Denmark will be beneficial to you when choosing Netic as partner on your Atlassian project.

We are here to help you all the way from idea and design to development and implementation. We have done it all before.

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Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Bitbucket

Jira Service Management

Licensing Atlassian software

Processes and workflows

Development and customization


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March 21, 2021

No more Atlassian Server? Easy… here are your solutions

Atlassian Cloud – place your project management in the Cloud


Like many other software companies Atlassian has turned towards the Cloud, and they now offer their services in a Cloud version. This means you don’t have to worry about operations and maintenance of the platform. Atlassian takes care of that part for you.

Our Atlassian consultants are more than happy to talk to you about Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud. This might be of interest to you, if you need to migrate your solution at some point in time or you simply want to know more about the available features and maturity of Atlassian Cloud.


We work closely together with our add-ons partners

Atlassian Jira and Confluence can be customized and adapted to your needs by the use of Atlassian Marketplace. We work closely together with a number of add-ons developers, and we have a vast experience with several of those add-ons that can be used for integration, migration, project management, optimization of workflows and integration to email. 

With Adaptavist you get quick and effective implementation of add-ons, integration to Atlassian and third-party systems as well as management of potential difficulties when migrating Atlassian.

BigPicture allows you to take your portfolio, product and project mangement to the next level. Whatever agile, classic or hybrid methodology you apply, BigPicture can help to increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

With more than 170 add-ons, Appfire is specialized in automating tasks, improving consistency and optimizing workflows – with or without scripting.

META-INF bridges Jira and email so that your employees can continue to use their favorite communication channel, without sacrificing productivity.

miniOrange is an SSO (Single Sign On)/Oauth (Open Authorization) add-ons provider, which can help to improve productivity and security in relation to user access.

Exalate is a tool for synchronization of different work management systems which enables frictionless collaboration across internal teams and company borders.

If you would like to know more about your options with Atlassian, please fill out the form and we will give you a call.