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Advanced load balancer with more features than just load balancing

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Pulse Secure has taken over the well-known Zeus product by Riverbed, a long-time partner with Netic.

Zeus Technologies was founded in 1996 and shortly became an innovative company with records in performance and they were continuously nominated for prizes. Subsequently, Riverbed focused on development and since then several products and features have been added. The product line is Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager.


Virtual Traffic Manager

In 2015 Pulse Secure acquired the product line and named it Virtual Traffic Manager. A Traffic Manager is an advanced load balancer, which is capable of more than simply just load balancing.

Brocade vTM (Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager) is a software product, which can be installed on a Linux, Solaris or Microsoft Server. It may also be in the form of a virtual appliance for a virtual environment such as VMware or XenServer.

Several major Danish telecommunications companies use Pulse Secure and it is also employed by numerous hosting companies, large companies, ticketing systems and it is widely used in healthcare IT. Netic is the Danish agent of Pulse Secure and we offer both products and consulting in setup, configuration, operations and maintenance.


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