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In the contemporary world of operations, dominated by hybrid environments, it’s no longer sufficient to simply monitor the infrastructure.

Since IT resources are distributed from data centers over private cloud to public cloud as well as being hosted in virtual machines or as containerized micro services, being able to monitor across the entire hybrid environment using tools that aren’t silo-based is a necessity.

At Netic we are partners with the American company Zenoss. Since 2005 Zenoss has delivered enterprise-grade application, AIOps and Service Assurance monitoring.

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Zenoss is the world’s first SaaS-based, intelligent IT operations and management platform. With Zenoss you are able to gather the needed context to prevent service interruptions in contemporary, distributed environments.

You can acquire Zenoss as either a cloud or on-premise license, allowing you to choose where your new monitoring tool should run.

At Netic, we are experts in Atlassian Jira, and have through a deep integration between Jira and Zenoss built a Zenoss-dashboard, that highlights active incidents in Jira and presents them in a prioritized order with status.

We have written a few words on this subject, which you can read here.

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