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There are several reasons why a Managed Security Operations Center is a good idea. Especially the increasing level of threats and the pressure from stakeholders, including customers and the government, requires IT security. By the use of systems and structure you are able to strengthen your IT security, making sure you are always one step ahead.

Netic SOC helps increase your IT security by:

  • Timely response
  • Reduction of potential damage
  • Documentation of compliance

With 24×7 SOC Netic’s experts are constantly monitoring our customers’ infrastructure. We continuously ensure security monitoring (SIEM), analysis of the IT landscape and response to security incidents (SOAR).

What you get with Netic SOC

  • Real-time security incident alarms
  • Overview of the effect of security initiatives
  • Insight into current vulnerabilities
  • Alarms concerning malware infections, botnets etc.
  • Alarms concerning external attacks on the infrastructure
  • Overview of unusual use of IT resources
  • Compliance with relevant standards, regulations etc.


How we collaborate

At Netic we determine the appropriate level of service in collaboration with the individual customer. We take care of the delivery of the platform as well as the relevant processes. We define work flows which work together with the customer’s own processes, and we guarantee a well-defined handing over to the customer’s organisation.


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Your needs, your choices

Depending on your needs, Netic offers a basic service and additional options. You decide how active a partner Netic should be.

24/7 monitoring

Netic SOC is able to monitor your security 24/7. This ensures analysis, classification of incidents and inspection of potential attacks – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Good, better or best?

You can choose to start off small and expand eventually, or you can go all the way from the start. Netic SOC is available in three steps, meaning that regardless of your company’s level of maturity we offer a level that fits.

Use Cases

Use cases are those security areas Netic monitors. An example of a use case could be “Malicious Network Traffic”. Here the monitoring is focused on suspicious out-going traffic such as TOR traffic.

Data sources

Netic SOC is based on collected log data, which is being correlated (integrated) to an overall picture of your company’s security condition.  In Netic SOC Essentials (the basic package) the data sources are:

  • Windows AD
  • DNS
  • Network flow
Choice of technology

Netic SOC is based on market-leading technology from IBM. IBM Qradar is the system that monitors your security, and IBM Resilient is responsible for making intelligent decisions in real time.


Netic SOC is capable of making intelligent decisions in real time based on predefined criteria. This means that you are guaranteed the best possible respons both prior to, during and following an attack.

Our security, your security

At Netic we use our own medicine – as a precaution:

  • ISAE 3402 certified data centre
  • Processes based on ISO27001 and ITIL
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Physical and logical access control SOC
  • Access Log
  • Guests are accompanied

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