Before you apply

Have you decided to apply for a job in Netic? If so, you can find all the information you need right here.

Have you decided to apply for a job in Netic? If so, you can find all the information you need right here.

Application requirements

When you apply for a job in Netic, we will ask for a CV and preferably a motivated cover letter. In addition, we also need your contact information, including name, address and phone number.

We only accept applications submitted through our digital recruitment system, where you can apply through the relevant vacancy or unsolicited.

Netic is of course GDPR-compliant, and we only store your data for as long as we need it in connection with your application.

If we need other information than the above, this will be stated in the individual vacancy.

Make your application clear and concise

To make your application as good as possible, we strongly recommend that you target your CV. If possible, you should include examples from previous jobs or educations that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Keep your CV simple and in chronological order with the most recent job listed first.

If you want to personalize your applications material, please feel free to include a photo. We recommend you to send your application as soon as it's ready. Don't wait for the deadline as we invite applicants for interviews on a recurring basis.

Our recruitment process

When we invite candidates to a job interview with us, we always follow a defined recruitment process. You can read more about it below.

The first job interview

The hiring manager invites relevant applicants for the first interview. The interview will be attended by the hiring manager and possibly a member of the team. The agenda is to clarify the initial professional match between you and the position, as well as the chemistry between you, the hiring manager, and the team.

TT38 Talent Test

Applicants invited to the second interview are required to take a TT38 Talent Test before the interview. This is the personality test we have chosen to use at Netic. The test provides us with an indication of who you are as a person, your preferences for tasks and collaboration, as well as how a leader should manage you. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer. The test is also used in the daily management of employees at Netic. It is recommended that you allocate one hour for the test, in a quiet and focused environment.

The second job interview

The hiring manager invites relevant applicants for an interview. The interview is attended by the hiring manager and a member of senior management to ensure alignment with the rest of Netic. A prospective colleague and/or HR representative may also participate. The agenda is to further clarify the professional match, assess how you fit within the team based on your talent test, and determine if we can potentially come to an agreement on terms.

Reference checking

A reference can be obtained from one of your previous employers. However, never without your explicit consent.

Criminal record and security clearance


If you are offered the position, you will receive a contract for digital signature. Before you start, you will receive a welcome email where you have the option to choose computer*, phone*, etc. In the first few weeks after starting, you will receive a mix of general onboarding and local onboarding to get you well acquainted with the tasks and Netic's culture.

*Based on the available products listed in the email.


Rejection will be given to applicants who unfortunately are not offered a position. We always recommend that you create a job agent, so you will be notified directly when we post positions that may be relevant to you.

Get in touch with us

We are always happy to elaborate on job postings and requirements to fill the vacancies we announce. Therefore, a contact person can always be found in a vacancy. Please feel free to contact this person if you have any questions about the vacancy.

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