Cloud Operations

With Cloud Operations from Netic, you gain full insight into and control over your applications - from planning to implementation and operation. We also handle the complexity - whether your needs are private, public, or hybrid cloud.

With Cloud Operations from Netic, you gain full insight into and control over your applications - from planning to implementation and operation. We also handle the complexity - whether your needs are private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Successfull cloud

Your way into the cloud begins with a solid business strategy. The first step in any collaboration with Netic is to analyse your current infrastructure and application environments, and we work with you to define the goals for your cloud transformation and operation.

We conduct Cloud Operations using IaaS and PaaS, and with a clear direction for the process, we can develop a tailored plan for your organisation at each stage of the migration.

A seamless transition

Our common goal is to create a transition phase that disrupts as little as possible. Our solutions ensure that your business continues unaffected by the migration, and neither you nor your users will notice any impact on daily operations.

Strong foundation for growth

Once the migration is secure, Netic's experienced customer team will take over operations. This gives you more time to transform functions and processes. With all applications securely placed in the cloud, you have a solid foundation for agile operations - no matter how much the business scales.


Cloud Operations with Netic

The process in five steps

1. Identifying your needs and requirements

Based on your overall application landscape and services, we define the cloud model that suits you, taking into account migration, architecture and governance.

2. Strategy development

We develop a complete blueprint for your company's total infrastructure and application landscape, and we establish a roadmap for implementation.

3. Design

With Netic's blueprint as the basis, we create a design that takes into account your specific business needs and complies with applicable security measures. In the design, we consider the business's finances, future plans, and growth strategies.

4. Implementation

We carry out implementation or migration with minimal impact on your daily operations. Based on your business requirements, we decide together with you, where the solution should be deployed - whether it's in the public cloud, in the private cloud, or as a hybrid solution. Our experienced project managers continuously work to ensure business continuity, enabling you to achieve a resilient organisation.

5. 24/7 business continuity

Your cloud infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by Netic's experts to guarantee availability, continuity and high security. You will be assigned a dedicated Service Delivery Manager and a customer team who are familiar with your business and constantly work to ensure the best possible security and handling of your data.

What do you get?

Netic conducts Cloud Operations using IaaS and PaaS. We manage the operation of your solutions in private cloud within one of our own Danish datacenters, or in the public cloud. Regardless of your choice, we leave it up to you whether we should solely manage the operation or also take full responsibility for the application in collaboration with relevant individuals in your organisation.

In other words, whether you come from a small business or a large organisation, you gain access to a solution that matches your needs on a platform that can grow with your requirements.

Navigate complex application environments

In Netic, we have developed a platform based on Kubernetes, called Contain. This platform makes it easier for you to navigate complex application environments. With Contain, you can deploy, scale, and orchestrate your Cloud Native applications

Learn more about Contain

Security and Backup

When we conduct Clod Operations, we ensure data encryption and certificate management. Additionally, we ensure that best practices are followed in daily operations. Based on the 3-2-1 rule, we place backups in a separate and isolated data center.


Transparency and analysis

The service includes logging, monitoring and alarms. This ensures full insight into the state of your application and you can opt for Netic to take operational responsibility.


GDPR and compliance

We provide you with the tools you need to meet your compliance requirements. Regardless of how the solution is delivered, it complies with your data and information security requirements according to the international standards in the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, which Netic has achieved.

Learn more about the certification

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