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Want to take part in Denmark’s digitalisation?

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Want to join us?

At Netic we are experts in application operations, cloud and cyber security. Based in Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen we operate the systems that ensure the everyday lives of Danes go unhindered. Join us and take part in the operations of the IT solutions of Denmark.

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Business Continuity Management

We are your safety net

As the wave of digital transformation spreads faster and faster and our dependence on apps and desktop applications increases, so do businesses’ requirements for uptime, stability and security for these applications.

At Netic, we say that we specialize in Business Continuity Management, but really that is just a fancy way of saying that we ensure that your uptime is as close to 100 % as possible.

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“We’ve never had to have a “serious talk” at a steering group meeting. Our meetings have always been about all the things that were going so well. Netic tells us that we have outperformed on this parameter and that parameter, and that’s so great, because then we have time to talk about how to perform even better.”

Klaus Dhiin
Department Manager, IT Store Operations, JYSK



Netic operates Danish healthcare IT

Netic operates large parts of the Danish digital healthcare system. By doing so we contribute to a citizen-centric, coherent and effective healthcare system.

Every day the Danish healthcare system exchanges data for hundreds of thousands of people between physicians, hospitals, municipalities, pharmacies and private clinics. In fact on a daily basis more than 500,000 Danish citizens’ health data comes into contact with infrastructure operated by Netic.

Naturally, systems that contain information about public health are critical. At Netic we have worked with critical data for almost as long as we have existed. We know what it takes to comply with these demands and to avoid that the Danish public health data falls into the wrong hands.

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Netic operates the following digital health systems




Min Læge

We are more than 140 skilled coworkers, and we have room for more.