A flexible and reliable IT platform








Carve out of brand identity and existing IT setup

Together with Trifork and Duckwise, we have delivered a flexible and reliable IT platform for Opendo.

Opendo is a leasing provider of both new and used cars for private and professional purposes, and the platform currently contains more than 10,000 leasing contracts. The project was based on a carve out of the Alm. Brand Leasing, which Opendo acquired in the spring of 2021.

The project, which Netic was responsible for, consisted of a detailed review of Alm. Brand's brand identity, the underlying IT setup and the associated systems. This was done in order to carve out the existing data and functionalities to be transferred to Opendo's new leasing platform.



A project with high complexity

It was a complex project, as the functionality of the systems had been developed over the years and large amounts of data had been collected. Therefore, Netic assembled a team of our consultants with expertise in different areas. Despite the high level of complexity, we succeeded, and Opendo and we are both pleased with the result.

After the carve out of Alm. Brand Leasing, Duckwise was faced with the process of streamlining the brand, creating the perfect user experience from scratch and strengthening the digital customer journey from A-Z. In addition to the carve-out process and the operation of two of Opendo's applications, Netic has built environments that integrate with several external systems.


We are happy to collaborate with an experienced IT partner who is able to address and fulfil our requirements. This spans everything from a complex carve out, to initial scoping and validation of the solution through prototyping, and finally quickly delivering a reliable and high-quality solution.

Jacob B. Christensen

CEO, Opendo

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