Connecting citizens and doctors through an app



Min Læge



The purpose of the app “Min læge” (in English: My Doctor) is to make it easier for citizens to get in contact with their doctor or the doctor from the emergency service. But it is also about having easy access to information concerning appointments, referrals, vaccinations, diagnoses, test results or medication.

The “My Doctor” app is part of the strategy “A strong and coherent health network for all – the strategy for digital health 2018-2022” which the Danish Ministry of Health presented in spring 2018 in collaboration with the Danish Regions, Local Government Denmark and Ministry of Finance.

In keeping with the digitalisation and the development of new digital channels, our healthcare system will change. The aim of the “My Doctor” app is to make sure that citizens experience the healthcare system as a unified, secure and consistent network which is digital as well as human. This is meant to secure flexible contact between the citizens and the healthcare system, with the individual citizen in focus.

Trifork has combined their extensive application development expertise and many years of experience with digital health in order to develop an application that works across eight different IT patient systems. The application has 117,000 unique users and 16,000 daily sessions, which indicate that it is crucial that the application is always up and running. This is Netic’s responsibility, as we are responsible for the operations of the application.

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