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What is Subaio?

Subaio is an Aalborg-founded fintech company established in 2016 with the aim of offering banks all over the world white-label easy-implementable software solutions. Amongst others, these solutions help the consumers to manage their subscriptions within their mobile bank and thereby strengthening their financial health.

Subscription Management explained

With Subaio’s subscription management software solutions, the bank’s end-users get a detailed overview of all their subscriptions and recurring payments, including logo, monthly amount, next expected payment, credit card information, yearly average, and previous payments of the recurring payment.

The relatively simple-looking subscription overview is given on an interface within the online- and mobile banking app. This makes it easy for bank’s end-user to see all the things they pay for on a recurring basis. Within their mobile bank it is also possible to cancel and pause the subscriptions which provides the consumer more control of their financial decision-making.


The collaboration with Netic

Netic and Subaio have been in a collaboration almost since the Subaio journey began in 2016. Back then, Subaio hosted their own servers. However, due to a rapid and large expansion of the customer base, resulting in lack of server space, they chose Netic as an outsourcing hosting- and operations partner. Today, Netic operates and hosts physical as well as virtual servers with customer data in multiple of our data centers.

Why did we choose to work with Netic? Because we needed a highly reliable and trusted partner who can continue to meet our requirements as we scale to millions of users and global customers. In Netic, there is no such thing as 'off-the-shelf'. Instead, we have always been offered scalable solutions that can be continuously adapted to suit our customers' needs and requirements. In Subaio, for example, we have to honor the banks' requirements, and here, Netic has proven to be a flexible and down-to-earth partner with expertise in areas such as compliance, security, and network. I have never experienced a situation where we have not been able to find a solution.

Brian Jørgensen

Chief Technical Officer & Founder

Accessible and usable with the help of Docker

Subaio’s solution runs through a Netic-managed Docker Swarm-setup which makes it easy for Subaio's customers, the banks, to deploy and scale the subscription management application into their own environment so it becomes available and suitable for the end users.

By using Netic as a hosting and operations partner, Subaio gets a high level of availability, stability and security. Subaio can access their racks in our data centres as often as they want and they have a 100% uptime and data security guarantee.


About Docker Swarm

With Docker Swarm, one can, among other things, create and manage a cluster of Docker hosts that can run Docker containers. (A cluster consists of multiple physical or virtual machines that work together as a single unit). Applications or parts of applications are deployed in Docker Swarm as services. Services are characterized by being a definition of how the group of containers, which make up the application, should behave. This enables, among other things, easy scaling of running applications.

Docker Swarm has built-in load balancing, so traffic is automatically distributed evenly between containers. This ensures that applications can be accessible and scalable without additional configuration, and updates can be implemented with minimal downtime using "rolling updates", where updates are gradually rolled out to a portion of the containers running a service. Docker Swarm allows for the building of robust services, as the platform is designed to be fault-tolerant. That means if a host in the cluster goes down, the container workload previously handled by that host is automatically started up on other running hosts.

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