Moving of existing data and systems and building a brand new infrastructure



Norli Liv & Pension






Norli Liv og Pension is a Danish pension company founded in 1986 and was previously called Alm Brand Liv og Pension. In the beginning of 2022, new owners came in, and the company changed its name to Norli Liv og Pension.

As part of the change of ownership, existing systems and data had to be moved from Alm. Brand to Norli Liv og Pension. Netic were hired to assist with this work.

Smooth transition and transformation

With Trifork collaborator, Nine as a consulting partner, Netic handled the process of extracting and transferring existing core systems from Alm. Brand Liv og Pension to Norli Liv og Pension. The transfer involved 6 major applications and 45 complex integrations.

Alongside, Netic established a brand new infrastructure to support Norli Liv og Pension’s IT systems, including modern technologies such as Kubernetes:

Despite the fact that our systems had to be moved, new systems had to be introduced and all integrations had til be replaced, we were able to work through the entire process without significant interruption. Netic delivered a complete solution at the time and cost agreed, even though they were faced with many complex and undefined tasks and several challenges along the way.

Kristina Løvstedt Lund

IT Director, Norli Liv & Pension

Kubernetes - the key to security and reliability

Part of Norli Liv og Pension's new solution is based on a Kubernetes architecture hosted in Netic’s data centers, which means that it is possible to quickly deploy, scale and manage applications. As a result, the solution has an increased level of network security and accessibility.

This is only the beginning

As the transition process is completed and a final solution is now delivered, Norli Liv og Pension and Netic will continue an ongoing collaboration:

Obviously, it is important for us to have a secure and reliable solution, but it is just as important to have a partner who is available as needed for day-to-day operations and support. Netic is that partner.

Kristina Løvstedt Lund

IT Director, Norli Liv & Pension

Facts about the solution

  • Handles data from approximately 100.000 customers.
  • Norli Liv og Pension administers pension cases valued more than DKK 16.7 Billion.
  • The transition involved 6 major applications and 45 complex integrations.

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