A Long-term cooperation on both development and operation


Netic are good at what they do. They are very professional, and we have really good chemistry with their consultants, so what could go wrong?


When the register of debtors, Debitor Registret A/S – now Bisnode A/S – entered the Danish credit assessment market in the mid-00s, it was dominated by one big player. The people behind Debitor Registret had analysed the market and had reached the conclusion that digitisation of the processes behind B2C credit assessments was the way into the market.

For this, Debitor Registret needed a partner that could take care of the operation in cooperation with the development firm Atira which was charged with developing the software used by Debitor Registret for the first 10 years. They chose Netic, and Netic has been operating Debitor Registret’s IT systems since then.

Jack Lilleskov was one of the founding partners of Debitor Registret, and is currently Head of PPM & Projects at Bisnode which acquired Debitor Registret in 2014.

Netic has always been a good fit for us. You could say that we grew up together. We were small when we started out, and so was Netic,” says Jack Lilleskov.

IT operations from a developer’s perspective

Debitor Registret has always been a business in development. This means that the company’s systems have never been static. They are constantly being developed. And that has given Netic an important role as the operations expert:

When you develop software, you can’t just move in blindness. It is important that everything can actually be operated later. And here, Netic’s knowledge of development has benefited us. They have really managed to ensure that the services developed were ready for operation – and then they handled the operating side of things to perfection.

Since then, Netic has assumed a more central role, also in the development of the services that they are operating for Bisnode. And Jack Lilleskov is very happy with this cooperation:

Netic are good at what they do. They are very professional, and we have really good chemistry with their consultants, so what could go wrong?” And on the whole, the good relationship means a lot to Jack Lilleskov:

We have never had a fight. We have never disagreed,” he says and continues: “We both call a spade a spade, and this openness is exactly why we work well together.

Continued cooperation in a world of cloud and GDPR

With new owners, Bisnode, which is an international company, Jack Lilleskov is no longer master in his own house. Bisnode is a company in transition – especially at the organisational level.

“Our IT organisation is changing, and many projects will run at group level. Here, I see an advantage in having a locally based partner who knows how to take the lead on the things that are usually easily overlooked.

In areas such as personal safety, Jack Lilleskov believes that there is scope for extending the cooperation:

Netic will be able to help us meet the requirements that are placed on us. When you enter into a contract with a customer, they often have a wide range of requirements that we must be able to live up to. Very often, an auditor’s report will not be enough to satisfy the requirements. With Netic’s extensive security management experience, they are able to describe point by point how to meet each requirement based on a governance model,” Jack Lilleskov says and continues: “This model goes hand in hand with what Bisnode aims to achieve – in order to be able to comply with GDPR and be a strong support to its customers.”



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