Managed Container Services

Allow our team of container and Kubernetes experts to manage the operations of your container application in a fully automated setup. A setup that allows you to be in control and have full insight into the development and operations of your application.

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Rasmus K. Jensen

Solution Architect

Claus Albøge

Solution Architect

Kim Nørgaard

Platform Development Specialist

Thor Lange

Platform Development Specialist

Claus Hansen


Your application and development team – the operations and platform delivered as a service

Netic offers to operate your containerized application as a service on our operations platform. It might be a good idea for you if you want to work according to DevOps methods, but your team of developers think development is way more fun than operations. And that’s completely fair – because even though your application is probably very precious to you, only few developers are willing to get up at 2.30 AM and reboot the database.

So, maybe it’s an idea to consider having our operations specialists monitor and operate your company’s applications as a service in a model that keeps you in control.

Our servicesCases

Full operations platform based on Kubernetes

Automated CI/CD pipeline

Monitoring of predefined metrics

Incident handling according to agreement

Access to Netic's operations specialists

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Here is the process: How we get started

Step 1: A walk-through of your application


Together we start by going through your application and how you currently operate it.

Step 2: Alignment of expectations


You describe your wishes for the application operations. DevOps? CI/CD? Automation. Observability.

Trin 3: Agreeing on the operating model


When we have agreed upon how we go from Step 1 to Step 2, we outline the division of responsibilities.

Step 4: Clarity of the complete service model


At this point we have outlined the model for collaboration, and we now know how the application is to be developed and operated.

Step 5: Migration and provisioning


We take over the application from you and provision the finished environment incl. network. This typically takes approx. 24 hours.

Step 6: Start up and further evaluation


The application is operated and we continuously evaluate our collaboration.

On a two-hour Container Talk with Netic, your application is the central point of our talk. You tell us about the application, and your wishes for the continued development and operations of it, and together we sketch a model for a potential collaboration. From this talk you gain knowledge and our recommendations for the future of your application. Potentially, with Netic Managed Container Services as the future platform for the life of your application.