Google Cloud Platform

Public Cloud with a focus on Big Data and Machine Learning

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Google Cloud Platform

You might not know it, but Google actually has some of the world’s largest cloud-based installations, and thanks to cutting-edge technology Google Cloud Platform is market-leading. The platform provides security and operational stability, and it offers a range of services related to Big Data and Machine Learning.

Is Google Cloud Platform our best option?

Google Cloud Platform has already become the default choice for companies that focus on security and operational stability and wish to employ Big Data models and Machine Learning.

With GCP you get a robust and efficient platform, in which scalability and speed are key. Security is alpha and omega for Google, and with several security services you are offered an even higher level of security. The platform provides you with insights into your company data and ensures the value hereof, and if you wish to utilize Machine Learning, Google Cloud Platform is an excellent choice.


Cloud Date with Netic

How can Netic assist you on your cloud journey?

Netic is certified Google Cloud Architect, and with your company in mind we will create the best possible solution.

As the first step on your cloud journey, we will map out the cloud model in consideration of migration, architecture and governance. Subsequently, we will compose a business plan for your company as well as a road map for the implementation. We will make sure that the implementation only has minimum impact on your daily operations. In order to ensure continuity and security, your infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by Netic’s experts.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about your options with Google Cloud Platform, please fill out the form and Claus Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer, will give you a call.

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