Strong, Danish-developed platform for log management


Performance-monitoring in real time – delivered in a model that is suitable for your business.

With the fastest index-free search engine in the market, you have the ability to log everything and have all answers shown in real time. Moreover, if you buy Humio log management through Netic, you get access to the most experienced log-management team of consultants in Denmark. It gives you easy access to professional help.

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Log everything – get every answer in real time

Humio log management is built to help all companies and organizations in getting the benefits of log-analysis and performance-monitoring in large extent. With extremely small latency, even in ingest of massive amounts of logs, it is possible to log almost everything, and thus achieve a level of insights that other platforms do not offer.

Moreover, if you acquire the solution through Netic, you get access to the most experienced log-management team of consultants in Denmark, who have helped several Danish companies and public organizations with their logging. You will benefit from this know-how and experience right from the beginning, since Netic can help you through the entire process from planning, dashboard set-up of pre-defined use cases to ingest of data with our self-built data ingest platform.

It is almost only the imagination that sets the limits for what you can use Humio log management for.

The most common applications among Danish companies are in the areas of security, IT-operations and Business Intelligence.

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Our servicesCases

Pioneering effective search engine

Strong visualization options

Secure browser-based access

Can be tailored to match your needs

Facilitates GDPR-compliance by enabling logging across your entire infrastructure

Access to more than 100 Danish specialists within security, operations and infrastructure

As a Service or license-based? Netic helps you choose the right model

Netic’s experience and know-how with log management enables us to help you make the right decision – both when you prefer Humio log management as a service and when you want to run it yourself.

But Netic also offers guidance concerning the infrastructure for ingest of data and storage models for retention of your log data.

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