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Big Data Analytics

More and more companies save, process and extract value from many different types of data. Also, we are seeing an increase in the number of systems supporting very large volumes of both structured and unstructured data.

With this, you need platforms that will help data controllers structure and protect big data, at the same time as you are putting analysis tools in the hands of end-users. This type of platforms has matured, and interacts with large organisations’ IT systems and standards.

Using big data to understand your systems, users and connections will help you make informed decisions and strategies for your business.

Below are the fields in which Netic typically works on big data projects.

Applications and services

When a company presents an application or service – maybe for the Internet such as a webshop or internally such as time tracking – it is important to monitor whether users are actually experiencing the quality that you are aiming for.

Examples include availability, response times, data quality, which combined with data such as time, browser version etc. will give you a picture that is otherwise difficult to piece together without an analysis platform.

Business analytics and business intelligence

When big data tranforms into business intelligence, your processes are trimmed and your knowledge boosted. If used correctly, you may end up with happier customers and increased sales.

Your entire business is filled to the brim with data, and data will give you true insight into your customers’ response patterns, their demographic and geographic distribution, revenue broken down on various parameters and much more.

Business intelligence

Data may also provide added value to your company internally. Data will reveal important connections between the company’s different activities, and in the hands of a financial controller with an eye for strategy, the right insight into these connections may lead to proper business development.

Big data supporting your cloud transformation

More and more companies are moving data to the cloud. Cloud platforms display a lot of data, and data governance is key. Where is your company’s information flowing to?

If your company is running its own applications in a public cloud, all the benefits still apply and are perhaps even more important, as it is necessary to monitor the cloud’s performance and availability.

Big data analytics and IoT go hand in hand

IoT is currently exploding, and almost all electrical appliances will be connected to the Internet, and your house will be flowing over with electronic gizmos that surround and interact with all of our movements.

Developing and selling IoT devices require extensive user behavioural analysis and a lot of technical insight into the functioning of the entire ecosystem. Once again, data is the source of understanding and insight, and it is necessary to have a powerful tool to analyse the large volumes of data in both a real-time perspective and historical trends.

Operations based on knowledge and insight give you more control

IT operations involve very large volumes of machine data. Here, they can be used to monitor all the important KPIs, and not necessarily technical KPIs, but also business KPIs such as revenue or costs of a given activity.

On top of that, it is a strong governance tool. Centralised log collection with separation of functions will offer enhanced internal security. A hacker or malicious internal employee can no longer do their deed without leaving a trace that cannot be deleted.

In addition, GDPR puts an increased focus on effective and systematic log collection and contains stricter requirements for reporting and IT security.

Why Netic?

More than 100 organisations have chosen to cooperate with Netic on big data analytics. We have a dedicated team of approx. 15 experts almost exclusively dealing with this field.

Big data projects have a very high level of complexity. That means that experience is important – and we have that experience and are able to help you transform data to knowledge about your business.