Netic Cloud Operations

Operating the Organisation’s Applications in Public Cloud

“Public Cloud is important to Netic since more and more customers wish to move their applications to the cloud. Uptime, security and confidentiality is also important here and this is the reason why application operations is just as crucial in Public Cloud as in on-premise or hosted solutions.”

Netic Cloud Operations

The road to cloud success

Your cloud journey starts with a business strategy. We analyse your current infrastructure and application environments and, together with you, we define the objectives for your cloud transformation. Having the process clarified allows us to create a customised plan for every step of the migration.

A smooth transition

Naturally, your goal is a transition phase with little or no impact on your daily operations. Together we will come up with a plan to ensure that your business runs undisturbed during the migration.

A robust platform for growth

With your applications securely placed in the Cloud – operated by Netic’s skilled cloud team – you are able to transform functions and processes. This platform is your foundation for agile operations gearing your organisation to continued growth.

Cloud Date with Netic

How is it done?


1. Mapping out

Based on your overall application scenery and services we will define the cloud model considering both migration, architecture and governance.

2. Strategy

We draw up a complete business plan for your organisation’s total cloud infrastructure and determine a road map for the implementation.

3. Implementation

We carry out the implementation or migration with minimal impact on your daily operations.

4. Management & Operations

Your cloud infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day by Netic’s specialists to ensure continuity and security.

Drift af applikationer i Public Cloud