Hotspot solution

Secure Access Control on Open Networks

Netic Hotspot Solution

Netic Hotspot Solution

Netic Hotspot Solution

  • No special requirements for clients
  • Adaptive layout options
  • User-friendly administration
  • A scalable VMware solution
  • Only one set-up regardless of organisation
  • A secure solution, which fulfils all requirements
  • Danish support

Having existed for more than 10 years, Netic Hotspot Solution is one of Denmark’s most tested solutions for secure access control on open wireless networks. Netic Hotspot Solution simplifies the administration of guest access to networks and hereby makes it less time consuming for your IT department and front desk.

“To manage the implementation of the hotspot solution we chose the largest systems integrator in Denmark, which utilizes Netic Hotspot Solution to manage access control and logging. We have been very pleased with the solution. It’s user-friendly, and the technology takes care of itself, which probably indicates that it works,” says specialist consultant Thomas Pedersen, the IT department at Aarhus Municipality.

A flexible and scalable solution

The solution is flexible and scalable, and the layout can be adapted to the visual profile of your organisation. Moreover, the solution is only used for validation and it will therefore not cause any bottleneck problems in your network.

Netic Hotspot Solution can be integrated with most authentication systems on the market. We offer support on SMS, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP, validation with credit card, Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google) and more options are coming.

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Supports your infrastructure


Virtual Appliance, which is independent of pre-existing hardware


Logging options
Build on a secure Unix system
SSL support on web interfaces