Netic Logging-as-a-Service

Realize the full potential of your logs – performed by experts with 15 years of experience with log management

Unlike traditional log management solutions, Netic Logging-as-a-Service (LaaS) makes it possible to log everything and perform real-time searches. The solution, which is based on market-leading log management tools, can be customized to fit your needs and operated in any cloud or on-premise. The solution is based and operated in data-centres in Aalborg and we guarantee 99,95 % uptime.

With Netic Logging-as-a-Service you get a platform which can be customized to your specific needs, and which is more convenient since you don’t need to consider which log-data should be logged – as the solution is built on a “log-everything” idea.


Log-management the easy way (as a service)

Netic Logging-as-a-Service is the easy way to do log-management.  You avoid having to do be responsible for operating an advanced log-management solution – while maintaining the advantages of a platform, that can be adjusted to fulfil a list of needs.

  • Netic take care of the infrastructure and operation
  • You get strong opportunities for visualisations of you data
  • The system can be accessed through a secure browser-based entrance
  • You get access to Netic’s specialists within operations, security, compliance and infrastructure

One platform – endless opportunities

Since Humio as a product gives you the possibility to log all – or almost all – of your company’s systemdata, the sky is (in principle) the limit for what you can use the platform for. The typical way Danish companies use it is:


  • GDPR-documentation based on audit logs from the entire infrastructure
  • Strong foundation and supplement for  the company’s SIEM- or SOC-platform
  • Intrusion Detection System based on logs across the network infrastructure and insight


  • Capacity surveilance
  • Incident Management
  • Strong tool for error detection to root-cause analysis

Business Intelligence

  • Measurement of human actions through the digital prints that human activity typically leave behind
  • Usage patterns of systems and apps
  • IT Services-intelligence: Visibility of the business related consequences of system flaws
  • Visualization of the company’s KPI’s

Why Logging-as-a-Service with Netic?

Through almost 20 years, Netic have been in charge of operations and security of a long list of the most critical systems in Denmark. That experience and knowledge will benefit you, if you choose Netic as a partner on your log-management.

We guarantee you a platform which offers you full segregation of duties. This means that your log-data will always be trustworthy, and not able to be deleted nor changed. Not even if you are under attack.

How to get started

Netic LaaS is designed to be an easy-to-get-started experience. In the project, we cover whether there is a need to buy Netic’s specialist to designing the solution or if you are able to start it yourself. Here is a short outline of how your log-management journey can start:

Matching of expectations and scope of project

We meet to mutually match expectations and agree on the scope of the project.


Together, we design your log management solution in the Netic cloud. We spend as much as half a day together, to make sure that both parties are in total agreement of how the solution is to run.

Implementation and start of ingest

Netic’s consultants are given access to your infrastructure to set up the solution and once that is don, you ingest of logs can commence.

Have a talk with us

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