Penetration Test

A thorough review of your infrastructure security

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a thorough review of your company’s infrastructure. A typical scenario would be that Netic acts as a hacker with malicious intentions, who attempts to break into your systems by any available – or chosen, predetermined – means. We conduct attacks concerning the following:

Phishing, physical access to systems, exploitation of vulnerable software, various social engineering methods and sniffing etc. We do not conduct DOS or DDOS attacks during a penetration test.

On one hand, arrangements can be made for specific angles of attacks. On the other, we may agree upon employing all means available for the purpose of achieving the most realistic overview of the vulnerabilities.


Why do we need a penetration test?

A penetration is the ultimate way of testing the overall security of your infrastructure. By testing potential angles of attack against your company, your company’s actual attack surface is visualized, and subsequently you are able to close potential holes/vulnerabilities.

The process is always finalized with both a written and oral report with tangible recommendations for improvement of the security level.

We use internationally recognized methods for execution of the penetration test. We gladly tailor and/or broaden or approach, if it’s relevant for your company.

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