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Amazon Web Services is the largest of the three dominant global cloud services. As a cloud platform AWS differs by offering scalability and the most extensive amount of services.

For you as a customer this means that AWS provides a cloud platform capable of keeping up with your business needs, no matter how demanding or distinctive they become.

We help you no matter what industry you are in. Hence, Netic has built the AWS cloud environment for FUT, which is a common public platform for treating patients in their own homes.

Moreover, we have helped Fintech companies with architecture and compliance requirements based on PCI-DSS through AWS.

See how Netic helps Trendhim, an e-commerce business based in Horsens, Denmark, with architecture and operations of their web shop in AWS.


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Amazon is also at the forefront of technological development and thus supports Serverless Computing and container-based applications with Docker.

For you as a customer this means that regardless of your business needs, AWS offers services that meet your needs. Now as well as in the future.


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Netic and AWS

If you wish to plan and execute your company’s first step into Public Cloud on your own, AWS is ready to welcome you. From a technical perspective it is not that complicated to get started.

At Netic we are experts in operations. We know that if the step from data center or hosted solution to Public Cloud is carefully organised and prepared, you will benefit greatly from it.

How Netic will help you enter the Cloud

Netic is certified AWS Solutions Architect, and with your company in mind we will create the best possible solution.

As the first step on your cloud journey, we will map out the cloud model in consideration of migration, architecture and governance. Subsequently, we will compose a business plan for your company as well as a road map for the implementation.

We will make sure that the implementation only has minimum impact on your daily operations. In order to ensure continuity and security, your infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by Netic’s experts.

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